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    • 02/07/2018
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    Dinner & Dailies

    February 7th, 2018 6-9 p.m. (Rain Date Feb. 21st)

    Rock & Brews: 7131 Red Bug Lake, Oviedo, FL 32765

    Free for WIFT members

    $10.00 non-members

    At this event, members can showcase their pet projects that are in the works. Each presentation would be followed by a brief Q&A/discussion.

    The event will take place on the outdoor patio/screening area adjacent to the main dining room.

    Submissions will be accepted until the deadline of January 15th, 2018. Entries should be 5-10 minutes long with 5-10 minutes discussion afterward.

Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

Invites our members to join

Tie Up Loose Ends is a competition

Tie Up Loose Ends is a competition has been a part of the MIFF for the past two years.  In short it is a two part competition with the first part being a screenplay competition to create a screenplay without an ending about 3 pages long (judged by and one selected by the Screenwriters of Brevard).  The selected winning screenplay is made available online for anyone to produce.  Of the submitted productions (not to exceed five minutes) some or all are shown at the MIFF and awards are given for the best production and best ending. The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival funds raised go to support the No Limits Academy in Melbourne, a 501(c)3 non-profit school for physically disabled children ages 6-21.  


                Screenplays are requested for review by the Screenwriters of Brevard (SoB).  These short screenplays shall have a “loose end” (no conclusion) the conclusion will be “tied up” (completed) by the film producer.  Each submission will be reviewed by the SoB and one screenplay will be selected by them to be made public by the MIFF to be produced by multiple filmmakers. 

                Each filmmaker shall interpret and produce the short project (five minutes or less) anyway they wish, including creating their own unique ending.  All, or if too numerous, a selection of the best of the submissions will be shown at the MIFF.  Awards will be given in recognition of the best creations.

                Supporting organizations for this MIFF competition are: Screenwriters of Brevard, Florida Independent Filmmakers, Space Coast United Filmmakers Association, Brevard Film & Talent and MIFF. 



1.       Must be in a screenplay format submitted to the SoB:  Eric Emerick at esquared14@me.com

2.       Must be producible on a minimal budget, require readily available props and locations, and be practical to shoot in a single day

3.       The production must be able to get a PG-13 or less restrictive rating

4.       The end of the production must be left to each of the filmmakers to complete

5.       To allow the filmmaker enough time to create an ending the length of the submitted screenplay should be about three minutes: under four full pages.

6.       All screenplays must be submitted to the SoB by January 17 (early submissions are appreciated)

7.       The SoB will select one screenplay at their January meeting

8.       Screenplays from previous years may be resubmitted

9.       There is no cost to submit a screenplay



1.       The selected screenplay will be announced and made public by the MIFF no later than February 5

2.       Following the MIFF release rules (available on the Film Freeway Rules & Guidelines section), any filmmaker may submit a production based upon the provided screenplay and their unique ending

3.       The completed production must be no more than five minutes including credits

4.       The production must be able to get a PG-13 or less restrictive rating

5.       The completed production will be judged based upon its adherence to the provided screenplay, the added conclusion, and overall creative and production quality

6.       Awards for the best productions will be given at the MIFF

7.       Completed productions should be submitted to the MIFF by July 4 through Film Freeway (same cost as any other short submission to the MIFF)

8.       The screenplay writer and MIFF (with the MIFF’s provided logo)shall be credited in the production



1.       The screenplay writer shall retain the copyright for the provided screenplay and license it to the MIFF for use in this competition (a release form will be provided)

2.       Each program producer shall retain all rights to their production and accept the MIFF release rules (available on the Film Freeway Rules & Guidelines section)

3.       The individual program producers, if requested by the screenplay writer, shall license their production for use by the screenplay writer for self promotion, but not for profit, film festival submission, publication on the internet or other use without written permission from the program copyright holder

 significant dates are:  

MIFF submissions open January 1, 2018 on Film Freeway

Tie Up Loose Ends screenplay submissions due by January 17, 2018

Tie Up Loose Ends screenplay made public by February 1, 2018

MIFF submission cutoff date for all productions is July 4, 2018

3 day MIFF (Thursday evening thru Saturday evening) typically mid-October (2018 date not yet set)

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