Our Mission Statement
Women in Film & Television-Florida (WIFT-FL) is charged with building positive images of media-makers (both women and men), empowering them to achieve their highest professional/creative potential, and helping create more job opportunities throughout the State of Florida. As an organization, we will continue to search for and retain members who have a minimum of two years experience working in the film, television and digital media industries.

History of Women in Film & Television-Florida
Women in Film was founded in Los Angeles in 1973 by Tichi Wilkerson Kassel (former publisher and editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Reporter) and a group of women who represented various facets of the film and television industry. It was created to recognize, develop, and actively promote the unique visions of women in the field of communications.

The Central Florida Chapter of Women in Film (WIF/CF) was established in 1989 by a dynamic group of independent producers looking for camaraderie and support. In 1999, the chapter's name was changed to Women in Film & Television-Florida (WIFT-FL) to better reflect the chapter's membership and sponsor base. WIFT-FL's members are qualified women and men in a variety of categories - performers, producers, directors, writers, agents, publicists, photographers, and administrative and managerial personnel. WIFT-FL is part of an international network (Women in Film & Television International or WIFTI) of 40 chapters around the world. WIFTI's membership base exceeds 10,000 working professionals.

WIFT-FL is headquartered in Orlando with branches in Tampa Bay, Miami/South Florida, Daytona Beach & Jacksonville. 


               Five-Year Strategic Plan



Women in Film & Television - Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization of professionals

founded to:

1) Create a support network and educational forum linking women in the film and video industry.

                     2) To actively pursue equitable treatment and opportunities for women in film.

                     3) To promote and enhance the recognition and increase the influence of women in film.

                        WIFT-FL performs its many duties equipped with 18 Board of Directors and approx. 260 members with six branches                                     throughout the state. Orlando-Chapter Headquarters, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tampa Bay, South FL and Melbourne. 


Provide our members global competitiveness for business, investment, talent, innovation. Assist our members in economic growth and prosperity. 


Objective 1: Improve employment in Florida.  Create, grow and sustain a statewide database of members viable for multi-media which showcases each region’s strengths and opportunities in support of the film and entertainment industry.

Objective 2: Foster opportunities for prosperity. Support industry events, activities, festivals and film related activities.

Objective 3:  Employ innovations in education to lead to increased availability of skilled, permanent workforce and higher paying jobs.  Work to retain and attract top industry-skilled professionals to teach at Florida institutions. Partner with high schools and higher education institutions to offer industry exposure and experience to students.

Quarterly and annual industry activities



Panel discussions

Branch Development

Continue to identify areas throughout the state that can support a branch location.

Industry production support

Industry business and workforce development.

“WIFT- Wed’s” Recruiting Events

 Industry marketing and promotion

 Business recruitment and retention.

Industry government liaison & training support

Program development.

Industry communications, education and liaison services.

Student Membership Programs

Develop School Branches

Scholarship support

Student Film Festivals

WIFT-Florida  P.O. Box 533541 Orlando, FL 32853-3541

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