WIFT-MCO has requested WIFT-FL to help provide financial support for “SeriesFest Season 5” . They are hoping WIFT Chapters will donate $300 towards a $2000 award, given at the annual Creative Innovators Brunch at SeriesFest, in the name of WIFTI.  Since this is not included in our budget for funding, we would like to ask our members if they would like to individuality contribute to this activity.


Content Creator Award Donation Proposal


WHAT: Content Creator Award sponsorship opportunity to represent Women in Film & Television International at SeriesFest, the Sundance of episodic TV. 

WHERE: Denver CO 

WHO: SeriesFest, June 21-26, www.seriesfest.com or see the attached proposal    + WIFIT chapters nationwide 

WHEN: Deadline for chapter sponsorship: May 15, 2019 

WHY: This is an unparalleled opportunity to partner WIFTI in a significant and appropriate way with a robust, innovative up-and-coming TV festival. This year alone, SeriesFest will feature a Director’s Fellowship from Shondra Rhimes and a Producing Fellowship with Kyra Sedgwick, plus give awards to numerous writers, directors and pilots, and gather a who’s who of Hollywood content creators for panels, pitches and parties.


At the Fest:

  1. All WIFTI members will get a discount to attend the festival, whether you contribute or not.

  2. Presidents / Reps from chapters that contribute will get to Present their Chapters and the Award to the Filmmaker at the Creative Innovator Brunch.

  3. All WIFTI chapter member attendees get to attend ROOFTOP WIFTI POP-UP PARTY!

  4. Presidents / Reps from chapters that contribute will get to be on the WOMXN FILMMAKERS ACROSS THE NATION PANEL at the Pop-Up Party.  We’ll dish the industry, what it’s like for womxn creatives, and what your chapter is doing to elevate both in your state!

Marketing / Press Exposure:

  1. WIFMCO will post shout-outs on all Social Media (FB, Instagram, Twitter), plus newsletter.

  2. WIFMCO will create a BANNER WITH ALL LOGOS OF CONTRIBUTING CHAPTERS. This banner will be hung at the BRUNCH & PARTY.

  3. A Press Release spotlighting all the contributing chapters and Board attendees.

  4. WIFMCO will make every effort to get Press / Reporter to cover the Party.

  5. A Live Stream of Party Panel for all contributing WIFTI Chapters.

  6. Bring your Chapter Banners to the Party for photo ops!

  7. I will ask SeriesFest if they are willing to post an All Logo JPG on their Social Media.

  8. Use this event for YOUR OWN PRESS! Let your own community and press know of your good works!

  9. The opportunity to do this on a YEARLY BASIS – and not just at SeriesFest, we’re also talking about year round educational events to partner on. This means expose and access to the industry.

Please note, we’re asking WIFTI and its chapters to feature information about the festival in our newsletters and member outreach.


WIFMCO would like to partner with other chapters in the following way:

  • A donation of $300 per chapter toward the award, so that our combined contributions reach $2000 (WIFMCO has pledged to contribute $400).

  • Willingness to send a President or rep to attend and participate in the panel at the party.


  1. Ask your Board if they are willing to donate $300.


  1. Make an ask of your membership – send a Paypal link for even $10 and ask for their support.


SERIESFEST MISSION: SeriesFest is a non-profit organization dedicated to championing artists at the forefront of episodic storytelling. With year-round educational programs, initiatives supporting underserved voices, and professional development opportunities, SeriesFest inspires, educates, and connects a worldwide community of creators. www.seriesfest.com



Having attended in the past and been wildly impressed, and appreciating their women-founded team’s mission, I represented Women in Film and Media Colorado in creating a partnership with them to do what we do best:  support a content creator in a substantive way!

WIMFCO propose to give a $2000 cash prize to a filmmaker who meets the following criteria:

  1. Either a current participant or alum of SeriesFest.

  2. These funds are meant to be spent on the production process of their project.

  3. The project’s crew demonstrates at least 50% diversity (women, POC, LGBTQIA, disabled), with a female lead.

  4. If the project hasn’t launched yet, then the story features a woman lead with 50% diversity in the cast, and filmmaker has the intension of hiring a diverse crew.


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