Member Levels

Corporate Sponsorships - $500+
WIFT-FL offers four distinct levels of sponsorship to the organization. WIFT's sponsorship packages aren’t your average sponsorships. Unlike most sponsorships where your investment is earmarked for one particular event, our sponsorships are year-round. All of WIFT's  sponsorship levels give visibility at all of our signature events, quarterly meetings, seminars, networking opportunities and more.

WIFT Corporate Sponsorship Package

Corporate Members - $250
Companies wishing to provide membership for four of its employees. Employees may be switched by request. All Corporate members have voting privileges and are eligible to sit on the board of directors.

Full Members - $75
For professional men and women with two or more years of experience working in the industry. All full members have voting privileges, and only full members can be on the board of directors.

Friend of WIFT-FL - $40
For men and women working at all levels in the industry and/or students with less than two years of professional experience.