Robert Redford - Talks about Indi films at Sundance

At Sundance’s annual Day One Press Conference, film festival founder Robert Redford offered some unique insights on indie filmmaking. Redford spoke about the state of indie filmmaking: "It's always been tough for indie's tough for film in general cause there's threats in distribution that take away from what used to be a simple equation. There's streaming, online, all kinds of new distribution, all these other areas that didn't exist way back, so as a result it kind of bleeds away from film. Film is not in a good place. Indie film is not in a good place, but it never has been. It's always been tough, but it survives because it's always had value. Money is at the core, changing times is at the core, and other threats that didn't exist before. As it changes, what remains is that it's always tough for film."

Redford also talked about the value of film school versus taking the plunge to make your first film (I don't consider them mutually exclusive). "I'm not sure film school is the answer as much as experience and getting out in the world and seeing what's going on in the world from firsthand experience. Don't go from school to school and make a movie, you'll just be relying on what other filmmakers did. To me, what's more important if you're going to tell a story and own the story you're selling, it's to get out in the world, hit the road and have some real life experience that will feed your mind."


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